Can you spot the 8 editing & enhancement services applied to this (submitted) BEFORE to make it such an amazing AFTER?

First impressions are everything.  

Studies show that online buyers will spend as long as 20 seconds looking at the front exterior photo of a property before moving onto the listing’s details. I aim to make those 20 seconds count!

Even if you didn't hire Homefly for an on-site photography session, our post production services are still available for your own photos. While most professionals would agree that HD-DSLR footage produces the best listing photos, there are still methods that effectively enhance images of lesser quality.


This service includes basic Digital Editing (exposure balancing, color adjustments, composition optimizations, etc.), PLUS the application of virtual effects. Homefly Studio Enhancement digitally inserts filters into a photo to create faux imagery. Enhancement Services can also digitally remove undesirable items from a photo.


ADDITIONS: Lush greengrass, vibrant blue skies, day to dusk conversions, full(er) foliage, etc.

REMOVALS: Electrical cords, garbage cans, lawn signs, leaves, cars in driveway, cluttered countertops, etc. 


DOES NOT INCLUDE: Visually misrepresenting property, removing permanent objects

Screenshot 2019-05-31 15.25.50-2.png

unsightly items

lawn signs

cosmetic repairs

to be made


Put your best face forward and create cohesive branding for your websites, social media posts, and marketing materials with facial re-touching and color-coordinated profile backdrops.

ADDITIONS: Skin tone evening, teeth whitening, eye brightening, light balance, etc.

REMOVALS: Background replacement, (hair) fly- aways, blemish removal, etc.

Screenshot 2019-06-12 15.30.13.png


(1) Photo | Virtual Enhancement 

Next Day Digital Delivery

INCLUDED: Sky Replacement - Lawn Enhancement - Fuller Foilage - Vertical & Horizontal Straightening - Image Sharpening - White Balancing


Screenshot 2019-06-17 15.42.35.png


(1)Photo | Day to Dusk Conversion

Next Day Digital Delivery

INCLUDED: Sky Replacement - Interior Lighting Effects - Contrast Adjustments - Vertical & Horizontal Straightening - Sharpening - Add Fire to Fireplaces


Screenshot 2019-05-31 20.41.23.png


(1) Photo | Virtual Enhancement

Next Day Digital Delivery

INCLUDED: White Balance - Exposure Adjustment - Distortion Corrections - Straightening - Add Fire to Fireplaces - TV Screen Fill - Flash Removal


Screenshot 2019-06-25 14.58.57.png


1-3 Items Removed From (1) Photo

Next Day Digital Delivery

REMOVALS: People - Cars - Pet Supplies - Reflections - Wall Art - Personalized Memorabilia - Cords - Hoses - Clutter - 

Garbage Cans - Valuables, etc.


Screenshot 2019-06-27 13.56.36.png


Facial Retouching | Background Replacement | Next Day Delivery

INCLUDED: Light Adjustments - Facial & Hair Highlights -  Eye Brighten - Teeth Whiten - Skin tone Balance - Blemish Removal - Background change



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