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Seeking our the objects that give a home it's charm, quirk and character.

Recently, I began gifting "home portraits" to friends and family. Basically, when visiting, I would use my phone to snap some images of their home. I set out with the intention to capture their home's essence.  I believe that a soul of a space is held in the common, peripheral things amongst us; the things we usually don't think twice about - until we see them showcased as art. Things like the morning sunlight soaking into that worn section of wood in the foyer, the wedding band on the nightstand, the the m are new perspectives that take our breath away and teach us to find beauty in Typically, we capture faces, but not the spaces we occupy. I realized that homes have a legacy too, and deeply meaningful content surrounds us on the daily.  When families are moving, it's great time to document your space.  This is a service you don't have to prepare or clean up for.  You don't have to find matching outfits for your kids or growl, "you better smile" through gritted teeth.  (Ugh, I know -- been there). This is a service that requires no bribing , contesting or prep on your part.  And I guarantee, the images provided will be just as meaningful as your most recent family portrait, and it will be treasured as much in the years to come.