© 2019 Cheryl Stoner | Valparaiso, IN


 I'm Cheryl, a formally trained fine artist, 

designer, photographer, and a habitual 

visual stager/organizer.


 I geek-out to solving spatial challenges, 

showcasing alternative perspectives, and capturing unexpected beauty.

I'm a Valpo resident, mother of three boys, and lover of the arts. While I've been a multi-disciplined artist for all of my life, I'd never considered professional possibilities in photography until recently. Being as I had no desire to shoot traditional content like family portraits or landscapes, I had mistakenly discounted photography as being a medium for me. It wasn't until I visited a family member one day that I (very informally) snapped some perspectives of his place with my iPhone. It came as a quite a surprise to me that an impromptu session could elicit such a sentimental appreciation. Capturing the historic charm and unique essence of his mid century home was cherished as a memorial that he could hang onto long after he moved. In organizing and editing those first images, a fresh curiosity and unexpected enthusiasm was born for the artistic niche of home photography.

As a career artist, it's always been my objective to create captivating imagery that attracts attention. I look forward to developing Homefly into a reliable, one-stop shop for professionals that require outstanding visual content to maximize their marketing and promotional efforts.